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Here, Now

Here, Now

Here I lie

absent and empty minded

refraining from action because

action means movement

and movement 

means time




are all the places

you’ll never be:


Among the echoing junipers

of rural Texas in spring when

the bluebonnets breathe wildly

on the side of the road


In my new city bedroom on

your hand-me-down duvet

kissed with roses and ripped

at the edges from wear


In a church pew on my

wedding day, poised in the

front row in lovely tears and 

even lovelier satin


In the ocean’s soft currents

or New England’s chilled air

or in an old body, reading Secret

Life of Bees in a rocking chair


You’ll never be in another

hospital when my children

are born, or my sister’s are,

or if we get cancer too


You will never be


even as we

long for you

What I Never Told You

What I Never Told You