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Healing Ritual

Healing Ritual

Clean carpet

sometimes brings better breath

than meditation.

Two sleeps during 

daylight, a Psalm

from the Holy Book,

sometimes incense

rids grief before

the therapist can whisper

in your ear.


At midnight,

Pick herbs from the garden.

Take pestle and mortar to 

their skin.

Brew them into hot water

and drink from the pan

on the stove.

Stock the cupboards

with iodine


dark chocolate and gin.

Keep the demons out—

your own

and the earth’s. 

Pilgrimage to the grave

and shed your skin on her flowers.

When you return, soak

your hair in rosewater

Fill the tub to the brim.

Float in the filth

before rinsing it away

then wrap yourself in linen.

Give your vases fresh lilies

Command them to drink

your mourning away.

Bathe in the sunlight that seeps

through your windows

Drink the wine

that your mother always did.


There is healing in choice

and remedy in love


a potion for oneself 

to find their way home.