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Diner Dreaming

Diner Dreaming

All of my milkshake and fry fantasies came true at Dan's Hamburgers a few weeks ago thanks to Levi Thompson, a talented photographer who also goes to St. Ed's. 

I'm not one to book a photoshoot on the fly usually, but this summer has been boring. I wake up, I work out, I go to work, I repeat. Taking photos among burger-craving kids and couples on nostalgic dates ended up being more fun than I could've imagined. Hazy red lighting, spinning barstools, and my own red lipstick made time stop for an hour or two—which was nice, because real time meant work and errands and Texas summertime heat. 


way back

see more of levi's work.

Besides really wanting to stuff myself with fries afterward, taking these photos reminded me of all the different creative avenues there are to take, especially for the St. Ed's kids who seem to be bursting with creativity from every spore. I was reminded that the writers and photographers and designers and musicians—artists of every kind—are what keep my world turning on even the most mundane of days.

Besides getting out of my own creative comfort zone, this shoot challenged me because it wasn't my artistic direction that lead the way—it was the photographer's. I did what he said, he made the edits, and the result was very much his art. It actually took me a while to get used to the photos. I don't really think they look like me. They have a look and feel that is, in itself, art. But that's what made taking them so special. Instead of being so on-brand all the time, I got to be a piece of someone else's work. It made me want to collaborate more, be a part of projects that aren't just my own personal ambitions. 

So, Austin and surrounding area photographers—I'm all yours. If you need a model for your own personal art project, let's talk.